Piles of books… <3

*passes by a library*
Dad: Look, it's your sacred grounds. That place is like a church to you.


Eat. Sleep. Read. Repeat.


This book shop made me quite happy today 📚😊 #bookstagram #me #lionsmane #bookstore

I’m watching Divergent with my dad and it just got to the part where they’re jumping off the train onto the roof and my dad was like “oh hell, I’d just stay on the train.”

*watches TFIOS trailer*
Dad: is that the movie you went to see?
Me: no that was If I Stay.
Dad: looks like the same thing.
Me: -_-


First Instagram photo, and a slice of one of my bookshelves!


Went to a book store today, and cat.

I hate my handwriting but I wanted to do this tag anyway, so here we are. :)

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when your book is almost over and there’s too many problems that need to be solved and you just have a mini panic attack like


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